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20 August 2017
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TIS Report 011

Report Title: The profile of Italian Pharmacology and Toxicology
Category: Bibliometric Analysis

Key Words: BIO/14
Author: 'Valutator' committee
Affiliation: Via-academy
Date: 27 March 2011


Following the recent survey of all Italian academics with a crude estimate of their h-index, we now publish the list of all those academics who are officially affiliated to one major scientific sector (the so called ''settore disciplinare'', or SSD) covering Pharmacology and Toxicology: BIO/14. This analysis will be the first of a series dealing with the most important disciplinary sectors of Italian academia.The present report was stimulated in March 2011, following a request made by the Consiglio Universitario Nazionale (CUN) to scientific societies  to provide the anonymous h-index of their members. CUN is the council of Italian academics  that officially advices the Italian Ministry of University and Research (MIUR). Subsequently, the evaluation agency ANVUR has been established and has now drawn a set of criteria and parameters, which include, for scientific disciplines, not only the H-index but also the H-IF index introduced by Via-academy (see TIS Report 014). The main criterion is that candidates for associate and full professor positions should have a publication output above the median value of their discipline, i.e. SSD. The parameters measuring this output include also the number of publications in the last 10 years and the total number of citations. Building on our previous analysis of BIO/14 academics, we have now expanded the study with a systematic search of all their publications and citations, which have been subsequently scrutinized in detail to remove errors and homonyms. The study thus provides the first large test for the distribution of the parameters suggested by ANVUR (which are generally stricter than those concomitantly discussed by CUN). The new Figure 1 of this report shows the statistics of all the abovementioned parameters. The results can be compared with those for the H-index values originally calculated in March 2011 for the whole SSD BIO/14, i.e. including the large number of ricercatori affiliated to the sector (original image of this report). The full article will discuss the interesting points that emerge from this study, which is the first thorough test of bibliometric parameters applied to a large and  important sector of Italian scientific academia. 

Figure 1 - Summary of the statistics for the various bibliometric parameters analysed across the BIO/14 sector of pharmacology in Italian academics. Data are cleaned from  homonyms.

Why is it important?
It presents the first detailed analysis of an Italian scientific sector with refined statistcis of bibliomertic parameters such as the h-index estimates

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