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28 February 2017
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TIS Report 008

Report Title: Research in Italy: welcome down South
Category: Bibliometric Analysis

Key Words: bibliometric analysis, university reform, Southern Italy
Author: Giuseppe Viglietto, Luca Boscolo and Mauro Degli Esposti
Affiliation: Via-academy.org
Date: 26 January 2011

This Report presents for the first time a ranking dedicated to the universities of Southern Italy. At the time of the formation of Italy, there were only three universities in Southern Italy. Now there are many more, yet Naples remains the largest and most renown among Southern academic institutions. The recent ranking based upon the number of TIS (TIS Report 004) included only a few Southern universities. However, this ranking suffers from the bias of comparing ancient, very large universities with young, small ones. For instance, the University Federico II in Napoli has 10-fold more researchers than the small universities of Catanzaro – no wonder it also has the highest number of TIS. By normalizing the number of TIS to the academic personnel, we have now identified some excellent Southern universities that were not previously considered. In particular, the universities of Catanzaro and Cagliari have a density of high-impact scientists that is larger than the average in the whole country, posing them at the top of this ranking list. Of note, most TIS in the University Magna Graecia of Catanzaro belong to the area of medical sciences. The same applies to the University of Cagliari but not to the University of Calabria, which is the top in the South for non-medical sciences. So, research in any field is welcome in specific parts of the South of Italy!

Why is it important?
The universities of Southern Italy suffer great disadvantages and are often neglected by official rankings. This Report shows that the Southern universities of Catanzaro and Cagliari have a high density of TIS in medical sciences.

TABLE 1 - Universities of Southern Italy ranked according to their density of TIS.
Only universities with sufficient data are listed. The average TIS Fraction in Italy is 1.2%.
Please note, this table is updated in real-time, based on the TIS database.
 Southern InstitutionTISPersonnel*TIS Fraction %Sum of H-Index
1 Catanzaro 27 233 11.59% 1222
2 Napoli 2 36 677 5.32% 1704
3 Salerno 49 1027 4.77% 2232
4 Napoli 115 3013 3.82% 5293
5 Chieti 26 733 3.55% 1100
6 Bari 60 1888 3.18% 3178
7 Cagliari 36 1178 3.06% 1630
8 Uni. Calabria 21 847 2.48% 957
9 Messina 26 1378 1.89% 1197
10 Catania 30 1670 1.80% 1255
11 Palermo 36 2058 1.75% 1532
12 Sassari 12 718 1.67% 471
13 Politecnico Bari 4 350 1.14% 218
14 Teramo 1 262 0.38% 43
15 Reggio Calabria 1 294 0.34% 57

* Source data for Universities: http://www.cnvsu.it/library/downloadfile.asp?id=11668, page 253.

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